[ S]

[FIX] Specific scenario when player could get stuck in Offline Levelling mode

[ADD] Added option to control ability to enter offline levelling with opened personal store

[ADD] Added ability to control maximum number of resets player can achaive daily

[FIX] SQLSTATE error when deleting / inserting harmony items data to BattleCore database

[FIX] Invalid min/max attack power calculation while wearing shield

[FIX] Certain items were not saved

[MOD] Added new lang bits to English.xml

[MOD] Extended IllusionKnightAvatarCalc lua formula by additional attributes

[FIX] Restored missing Illusion Temple invitation mix

[FIX] Game Server crash

[FIX] Data Server crash

[ S]

[FIX] Characters in Off-Level mode are not being attacked by monsters

[FIX] Helper Plus does not work on server codes greater than 19

[FIX] Possible high queue 4 in data server

[FIX] Fixed description in FormulaData.xml

[FIX] Fixed missing maps configuration in BlessingBox.xml

[FIX] Fixed BlessingBox invalid file load making the event unavailable in random maps

[FIX] Fixed unnecessary dump file generation by game server when closing the application during license activation or auth error

[FIX] Regular Game Server crash

[FIX] Instance Game Server crash

[ S]

[FIX] Wrath and selection of set options effects does not present under "C" window for combat power based character

[FIX] Niche scenario where info of Errtel inserted to Pentagram may become invalid after extracting the Errtel from Pentagram

[FIX] Mu Helper Plus improperly selected area located on different channel

[FIX] Dying in Arenil Temple moved to Elbeland instead Arenil Temple safe zone

[MOD] Modified default configuration and structure of ExpSystem.xml and ExpCalc.lua files to reduce number of config mistakes and resolve exp calc issues on selected exp calc formulas

[MOD] Improved overall optimization for AMD based processors

[FIX] Sudden disconnects and random behavior of game client for selected players

[FIX] Game Server crash

[ S2]

[FIX] General behavior of player in Offline Leveling mode is invalid

[FIX] Queue issue of Data Server

[FIX] Game Server Battle Core does not fully initializes

[FIX] Corrected placement of MaxDailyResets option in ResetSystem.xml

[FIX] Disconnect with reconnect option does not disconnect players

[FIX] Offers in Personal Shop are not visible under "P"

[ S]

[ADD] Extended Offline Leveling system by StayInSafeZoneAfterDeath option

[FIX] Inability to fully initialize game server when using JoinServer as separate module

[FIX] Tempst Muun options did not update after applying Season Pass buff

[FIX] Muuns do not disappear from the ground after picking them up

[FIX] Connect Server could stop accepting new connections

[ S]

[ADD] Extended drop requirement of selected systems by Minimum and Maximum Resets

[FIX] Fixed Disconnect with Close (message) option may not disconnect characters sometimes

[FIX] Random disconnect upon use of selected skills within specific criteria

[FIX] Elemental symbol does not drop with element matching monster's element, instead always drops as fire

[ S]

[ADD] Added option to control warehouse switch delay

[ADD] Added option to control punish cool down

[MOD] Optimized drop system that could cause lags on high load servers

[MOD] Extended monster attributes multipliers for Imperial Guardian event

[FIX] Excellent options and ancients checks do not work properly in specific cases for Jewel Upgrade System plugin

[FIX] Game Server crash

[ S]

[ADD] Added lang bit to file, English.xml -> 844

[ADD} Added AllowGiveUp config for Mu Quests

[FIX] AllowGiveUp for Guide Quests does not work

[FIX] Self defense getting activated when attacking Lord Silvester

[FIX] Assign Helper and Party Move does not work on Bloody Tarkan map

[FIX] Radiance Punish not work properly when cool-down is set to 0

[FIX] MaxExcOpt for Jewel Upgrade System does not work properly

[FIX] Personal Shop niche vulnerability

[FIX] Game Server crash

[ S]

[FIX] Selected options, such as "Reduce Max HP" from Item Option System plugin did not apply correctly

[FIX] Static Item Options plugin does not check properly for "SX" excellent option type

[FIX] Modified MuQuest system to check inventory only without equipped items

[FIX] MuQuest system does not reward items as configured in files

[FIX] Gremory sometimes does not open after Personal Store transaction

[FIX] Black screen after joining the game using specific actions sequence

[FIX] Corrected invalid configuration of Illusion Temple invitation mixes (mix.bmd)

[MOD] Renamed CustomRanks.xml to CustomRank.xml file to unify name with client-side file name

[MOD] Extended and modified functionality of JewelUpgradeSystem.xml plugin, modified file structure, updated description (follow it to reconfigure your existing settings correctly)

[ S]

[ADD] Extended Starter Buff & Inventory plugin by support of items preview in Character Selection screen

[ADD] Extended Imperial Guardian event by optional ability to issue extra reward

[ADD] Extended Season Pass configuration to allow configuration of base Pass type for Free and VIP users

[FIX] Modified configuration of Candy Box items in ItemBagsScripts.lua

[FIX] Items getting corrupted when converting Socket to Exc or Exc to Socket using Jewel Upgrade plugin

[FIX] Opening hunt shop via command resulted in inability to perform any interaction with most NPCs

[FIX] Possible game server application "freeze" when performing specific sequence of actions

[ S]

[ADD] Added new option to Common.ini, EnterGameInvisibilityTime

[MOD] Split the CalcCharacter.ini: PunishMaxDamage into PvP and PvM

[ADD] Extended Jewel Upgrade System by reward item durability setting

[ADD] Extended Custom Ranks system by DBRankPriority to allow set private ranks

[ADD] Added Blood Storm lua formula dedicated for Magic Gladiator class

[ADD] Extended Monster Spawn Event system by DayOfWeek setting

[MOD] Modified additional reward for Imperial Guardian event to be configurable per event level

[DEL] Removed Event_ImperialGuardian_Additional_Reward.xml

[ADD] Added additional reward for guild master of Castle Siege event winning guild

[ADD] Added additional reward for guild masters of Arca Battle event winning guilds

[FIX] Premium SeasonPass disappears after character relog

[FIX] GemDropPenaltiyRate option being a part of CryWolf event did not work

[FIX] Item objective checkup for MuQuest system continued to check equipped items

[FIX] Game Server crash

[ S]

[ADD] Improved Offline Leveling system by support of buff items

[ADD] Extend Hunt Point System with "ResetWeekly" option and ability to change the buff title

[FIX] Additional rewards for Imperial Guardian event are not issued

[FIX] Meteor Storm skill does not work while in Offline Leveling

[FIX] Game Server crash

[ S]

[ADD] New and original formulas to build value of exp needed for next level (current Lua based system becomes optional, see installation notes for details)

[ADD] New options to control rate of Luck and Skill on drop of ancient items

[ADD] New option to control ability to use custom jewels with event wings

[ADD] New options to control HP limits for Berserker and Darkness skills

[ADD] Support of Fourth Wings options for Jewel Upgrade plugin

[MOD] When item kind A is different between source and reward item in Jewel Upgrade plugin, the system will use reward configuration to set actual number of e.g. excellent options instead first blindly copying options from source item that may not match reward item

[FIX] Use of customs jewels from Jewel Upgrade plugin with wings did not properly add excellent options

[FIX] Certain skills configuration in MuHelper does not work during Offline Leveling

[FIX] HP status is not updated after use of Berserker or Darkness skills

[FIX] AllowSameOptionMasteryPentagram option not working

[FIX] Certain situation when BOTs could not be used because of a conflict with account lock system

[FIX] SeasonPass mission reset does not work resulting in visual issues

[FIX] Possible performance issues related to SeasonPass causing DataServer queue(1) to increase

[FIX] Number of moves was calculated wrongly, therefore the Labyrinth of Dimension Goblin could not always appear

[MOD] Cleaned up AntiHack.ini from obsolete options

[DEL] Removed item bags: Event_CastleSiege_Winner_GuildMaster_Reward.xml, Event_ArcaBattle_Winner_GuildMaster_Reward.xml

[ADD] New item bags for Castle Siege winners and losers, Main and Alliance Guilds

[ADD] New item bags for Arca Battle Winning and Losing Guilds

[MOD] Reordered load of item bags in ItemBagsScript.lua to better organize new item bags (edit your file carefully)

Posted21 / 10 / 2023

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